Tom Burbank started his musical journey in St. Louis, MO playing various instruments in many different bands. During this time Tom honed his skills recording bands and began programming his own electronic music.

In 1998 Tom moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his career in music.

In 2000 Tom became co-owner and operator of Grey Communication Records, a label that successfully served as a platform to release Tom’s music as well as some of the biggest names in Drum n Bass.

Then, in 2001 while still running Grey Communication he signed to Cargo Records to release three more singles which provided yet more exposure.

In 2006 Tom was picked up by the label Planet-Mu and released the album “Famous First Words” which brought international recognition, as well as a tour in support of the album.

In 2007 Tom started composing music for commercials, working for some of the biggest music houses in the game.

Since 2007 Tom has had his music placed in several multinational ad campaigns and this is where his focus has been since.

In 2014 Tom founded Tom Burbank Music. A brand that is focused on creating music for Advertisements, TV shows, Films, and Web Branding.

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